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This is really good. The detail you put in this shows that you really took your time and you enjoyed what you were doing. However ,allo...

by Smushey

Just when I thought all beauty in the world was gone I see this wonderful piece of work

Blake Belladonna by ALEXACEDEATH

She looks really great here. the only thing I see wrong here is that the eyes are a little big ,the outside lines are a little dark and...




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Jovita Lynn Branson (Lynne)
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AyanaRin, at your service!
My real name is Jovita, but I prefer to be called, Lynne(My middle name). (You can also call me by my Username, AyanaRin.)

I grew up in northern Indiana, moved a lot because of my fathers work, but never strayed to far from home. I've always loved nature, space and mystical things.

I'm a novice writer, having taught myself most I know of language arts, due to a poorly funded school system that loved cutting corners.

I don't really have a favorite genre, so long as I am taken on an epic journey, it can be about anything!

I've studied a lot of psychology, micro-expressions, medical science, battle tactics and the like in order to farther my knowledge and to create great character's, instead of just winging it. I also study different cultures and religions as well, so all of my precious creations can differ from each other.

My favorite season is either Fall or Winter, you can tell by my stories normally beginning in one of these season's. I love writing blizzard scene's, whether its a fight or some fluff.
I also have an undying love for thunderstorms.

My favorite number would have to be 3, because of the trinity held by any religion. 3 is known to be a powerful number.







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DMC meme- Nobody Cares. by AyanaRin
DMC meme- Nobody Cares.
For all the people posting shit like: "Since Hideki ships it that means its canon!" and harassing DanteXLady fans because they don't ship DanteXTrish.

Maybe Hideki's original plan was for DanteXTrish, but he isn't working on DMC anymore. Therefore any plans he had are invalid. 

Also: Let people ship who they want to ship, Jesus Christ. 

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Chapter 5: Beginning of a nightmare.

I needed to get to his scroll. I needed to figure out what kind of 'proof' Farrand had sent Adam about my 'betrayal'.

Somehow, I want to convince Adam that Farrand is the one betraying him, just to end his madness.

Figuring out what was going on with Adam would also help. It's like he's two different people, one angrier, more emotional then the other. He was confused when he saw me after being in a trace-like state. There's no way he didn't know I was with him.

His suspicion of me hurt the most. Even now he was doing something on his scroll, facing away from me, not allowing me anywhere near him. He hadn't told me anymore of the plan, what we're supposed to be doing, what to expect. I was in the dark.

I can't stand it.

"I'm going out." I stated, rising to my feet and heading towards the door.

Adam merely glanced my way. "Going to report to your boss?"

I rolled my eyes, placing a hand on my hip. "I'm starving. You can follow if you want."

Gripping the door knob, I wasn't able to open the door farther then an inch before he was suddenly over me, with his hand on the door forcing it closed.

Anger filled me, I wanted to yell, I wanted to snap at him. How dare he believe he can keep me here. He swept me into his arm's, kissing me.

"Did you like it?" He asked, allowing me down, walking behind me wrapping his arms around my neck and opening his scroll showing me the photo he took only minutes ago. "You looked like you were having fun."

There I was, tied up, covered in sweat with a vibrator buzzing in my pussy. I loved every second.

"Maybe next time I can tie you up." I suggested, feeling his member grind against me. "Unfortunately, thinking about fucking you doesn't take away my hunger." I reminded him.

"Such a shame." He closed his scroll just as a notification for a message popped up. It was indeed Farrand he was speaking with. "Anyway, I know just the place."

Adam took me to a rather nice place, the food was great and we were thankfully able to sit away from everyone else. Of course he was distracted, texting back and forth with Farrand, he was getting more frustrated by the second, but he attempted to hide it.

The walk back to the hotel was quite beautiful, a fresh coat of snow fell over the city. I finally felt at peace for awhile. Adam kept close to me, his arm locked around me, fingers lopped through my belt. He wouldn't be letting me out of his site for awhile.

It was almost saddening when we arrived back to the inn. The room was private, but due to the fact we were here on a mission, no outside light was allowed in the room. Curtains closed, door locked. Our carelessness already allowed Ligero to break in.

"I assume we're switching hotels soon?" I asked, making my way over to the bed, exhausted. He nodded. "Early morning, before the sun rises."

Can't say I'm not excited, this would be my second night sleeping with Adam. I'd be happy wrapped in his embrace.

We decided to head straight to bed, Adam slipped out of his jacket and shirt, throwing them aside, removing his boots afterwards. I merely removed my jacket, boots and my tights for once. Once I sat on the bed, Adam wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me close to him.

"You can sleep in less, if you want. I won't bother you, unless you want me to." He whispered, placing his lips to my forehead. I didn't respond, instead I just pretended my exhaustion had gotten the better of me, and I fell asleep.

Adam kept me close to him, taking about twenty minutes to fall asleep himself, and nearly an hour before he let go of me, rolling over.

I kept my eyes trained on his scroll, sitting on the night stand by his side of the bed. Farrand had sent him something, and whatever he sent is obviously pretty convincing, I need to know so I can counter him, expose his lies to Adam. But, would Adam even stay asleep long enough for me to grab it? Probably not.

There's only one way, I'd have to hack it with mine. Grabbing mine I headed off into the bathroom, if he did wake up, he wouldn't think anything of it. Hacking a scroll wasn't to hard, just log out of the main database, and log back in using his name, and password. Back when he was showing me the maps of the area, I'd taken note that his log in code was: Wilt. Kind of an awkward code to use, but no one would guess it.

A message popped up: *In order to proceed further, you must answer three security questions.*

Security questions? Oh, great.

*First Question: You're role in a group would be?*

In a sense, you could just say he was the leader, the alpha. But, Adam isn't an alpha, he was the opposite. Alpha's tended to be more in your face, and Adam just knows he's the best, he doesn't need recognition and he's not a pushover, so he's defiantly not beta. The symbol's on his gloves were true, he was in fact the Omega. A leader, who had respect from his followers, but he preferred to work alone, except right now, he decided to cooperate with me, because he's getting laid. If I knew I wasn't willing to put out, he would have taken this mission by himself, or just sent a small group to do it.


*Second Question: - Approved*

Approved? The question hadn't even shown?

*Final Question: Favorite flower?*

Flower? Is he serious? Though, I guess when you think of Adam, you wouldn't be thinking about if he had a favorite flower.


A letter appeared in the answer, perhaps he had it setup to where the 2 other questions were automatic? Maybe I just didn't see the other question type itself in?











Nightshade? Did he choose nightshade because its the more common name of the Atorpa Belladonna flower? In a sense, was he saying that I was his favorite flower?

My cheeks lit up at the thought, I had to suppress the butterflies forming in my stomach, this wasn't the time to get all school-girl crushy.

Immediately I found Farrands name and clicked onto their conversation, Adam hadn't been replying to him in awhile, he'd been trying to convince him to ditch me. I scrolled up until I found a file he sent, opening the file a photo appeared on the screen. There was a photo of a black-haired cat faunus pressed against a window. She was being stripped of her clothes by some male faunus.

Hold on, he looked familiar, I zoomed in on the photo, there was no mistake, this girl was being fucked by Ligero. The only problem being, this girl had shorter hair, that fact is probably the only reason Adam didn't believe it was me. Farrand was trying to convince him that I'd grown my hair out, so I couldn't be recognized.

I couldn't look anymore, I was already risking Adam waking up and wondering where I was. I logged out, deleting my system history, re-logging into my profile. Heading back into the bedroom, I shut my scroll off in order to keep the light from bothering my partner.

Light was still illuminating through the room, glancing towards the bed, I realized Adam was no longer laying there.

"Seen enough?" He growled, his loud, booming voice seemingly shook the room. I was frightened. His voice reverberated long after he finished speaking, and I had not heard such a threatening sound in all my life. He defiantly knew how to assert his dominance.

Before I could snap out of the shock he sent through my body, he'd tackled me, grabbing both of our phones, gently tossing them aside and pinning me against the mattress, a growl escaping, while his fingers pressed into my shoulders.

The hurt, and anger in Adam's eyes were vivid.

"Did I not just warn you of your fate if you were to defy me!? Do you wish for me to take your life!?" He shouted, seemingly questioning himself more then me.

"Adam... You're making a fool of yourself." I breathed in deeply, he didn't budge from his position. I needn't bother wait for his response. "How dare you even believe for a moment that the girl in that photo is me! You took my virginity."

His right hand's grip tightened around my shoulder. "Did I? As far as I know you could have been pretending. Why else would you allow me to ravish you?"

With his accusations I jerked my shoulder loose, back-handing him. "Because I love you!"

Adam sat on the edge of the bed frozen, his face appearing almost afraid. His hands clenched the bed sheets, Adam had no idea on how to react to what I'd confessed. I sat up behind him, wrapping my arms around his chest, under his arms and allowing my head to rest on his back.

Though I've only been alone with Adam for a couple days, I'd formed a theory about him, why there were times he seemed confused about my presence. There were two sides of his mind, the silent, angrier side and the calmer, more sensible side. The angrier side is the one who took my virginity, and the one I had hurt only hours ago when he saw me flustered from Ligero's touch. The clam one is the side I originally teased to draw his interest and the one who I'd fucked after he comforted me, when his other side hid.

Currently the angry side was the active personality, at the moment telling them apart was difficult, my only hint was how he'd reacted. He was acting as if I'd shot him, while the other sides reaction would have most likely lead to immediate sex.

We sat silently for awhile, before Adam finally decided to move, only enough to turn towards me, but it was something. "You..." Was all he managed to say. He found himself back ontop of me, his eyes boring into mine, distracting me, I hadn't even realized he was doing much more than staring at me. I felt his release, warm fluid flowing deep inside, how had he managed to screw me without me realizing?

"A-Adam!" I shouted, half in protest, half in pleasure. "H-how?" I whispered, so low human ears wouldn't have heard.

"I am your alpha in a sense. Being the alpha means I can bend your will to mine with just a simple glance. Since we are both faunus, it's only your natural instinct to obey me." he clarified. This was defiantly the aggressive side.

"But, you didn't have to! It's not fair that you distracted me." I pouted. His lips met mine, in order to silence me. "Tell me...Tell Me how you feel again." Blush was visible on his cheeks, he glanced away in embarrassment.

I laughed, before responding. "I love you."

"Did you lie to me!? Answer me!" I could see the fiery temper building in his eyes.

I didn't quite know where we were, on the mountain peaks, that much I was sure of, but how had I gotten here, and when? Why was Adam even mad?

"I trusted you!" He screamed, hitting me hard enough to knock me to the ground.

"You do not seem to realize that I own you. And everything you do, every move you make will not be without consequence, but as of now, you won't have to worry about anything else. I control your destiny, and you're destined to never leave this mountain." He rambled, unsheathing his sword, raising it as if to strike. He was going to kill me, and he wasn't going to let any ounce of affection hold him back.

"Adam!" I shrieked moments before shooting up in bed, heart pounding, breathing heavily. I was alright, still in the same room I remembered, everything was just a dream.

"Bad dream?" He asked, rolling over to face me, his hair was a mess, I must've woken him. "Ah,...Y-yeah..."

Adam sat up, wrapping his arm's around my waist. "Don't worry, I'll protect you." He assured me.

I didn't want to tell him that the thing he would be 'protecting' me from was himself.

"Anyway, it's still pretty early, but we should get dressed and ditch this place before there's anyone awake to notice."

And so we'd set out, taking the rooftops rather than the streets. No one would notice two figures darting around in the darkness. Our next course of action? Planning the raid on the White Knights camp, in order to gather more information.
Ninjas of Love:ChapterFive:Beginning of Nightmares
Sorry for the incredible long wait and a short chapter to show for it. A lot of things recently happened to prevent me from writing. There were two close deaths in the family at the beginning of the month. (My father and my fiance's grandmother). To top that of both of use are working and trying to study for our finals. Then I had a scare and had to go to the hospital, but thankfully I'm fine.

Also in regards to people leaving reviews and wanting me to respond, you have to leave a review with a account before I can respond, I can't respond to anonymous reviewer's sadly.

I do have my own storyline already plotted out and waiting to be written, so if you've suggested something there's a high chance that it won't be used, or a chance I've already came up with something similar. And I do want to make this story a bit longer than what some of my fans think it's going to be. So there isn't going to be a quick ending, there's probably 10+ chapters I have in mind. Plus I don't want to rush through everything I'e planned out.

Upcoming RWBYfics:
Yep, you read that right, I am planning to produce a few more fics within the following months! Three to be exact!

1st Fic:
A lot of people have been asking for a chapter from Adam's POV, but I can't do that, you see Ninjas of Love is supposed to be an erotic story she wrote about her friends.(You'll see other RWBY cast appearing in it soon!)
However, I am planning on releasing Ninja's of Love: Red edition (Maybe just Red Edition for short). Which will be the entire NOL plotline retold by Adam's POV!

2nd Fic:
I know there are some RWBY fan's familiar with a PSOne classic game called: Legend of Dragoon(Aka: The best game ever). I'm creating a sorta crossover fic, but not exactly qualified as a crossover.

This fic will tell the tale of the event's of LOD, but replacing the original game characters with the RWBY characters I think fits best! (And of course probably twisting the storyline a bit so that everything make's sense). I plan on completely changing the dialog(Because 90's rpg dialog is very cheesy), but keeping a general idea of what's happening.
If you would like an idea of what the story is going to be about, the Youtuber Cryotic(Cry) has been recently playing through this old game, so you can watch his videos if you want, but I recommend just looking up either the opening cutscene, the song or my Amv, if you have not played the game, so you are surprised about the events that unfold!

LOD opening +intro:

My LOD AMV(With the RWBY Soundtrack: Sacrafice):

(ADD .com before the links provided to reach the destination video. If this somehow does not work, my channel is AyanaRin and if you look up Legend Of Dragoon RWBY the first result is my video).

3rd Fic:
A Team STRQ fanfic! Probably just about as lewd as Ninjas of Love! But with more feels slapped through it!
This Fic will be known as: Safe in your arms.
It will also be supporting the entire team as one single ship. (SummerXRaven, RavenXTai, SummerXTai, TaiXQrow, QrowXSummer) ((THERE WILL BE NO QrowXRaven THOUGH!))

Alright! That's all I have to talk about, I hope you guys read this far and I hope to see you guys reading the other stories when they come out!
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Chapter Four: Duality

"Darling, we have to leave soon."


'Ugh, Who's talking? Adam? Where are we going?'

"Blake." The voice repeated, pressure wrapped around my shoulder, startling me awake. I smacked Adam's hand

away, turning to make sure it was actually him.

"A-Adam?" I questioned, clearing my eyes.

He laughed in amusement. "Did I startle you?"  

Why was he here? What time was it?

Suddenly all the memories from last night came flooding back, bringing the warmth in my cheeks with it.

Adam leaned down, brushing a strand of hair from my face. Electricity shot through my body.  "Get dressed, we can't

miss this train." He demanded, in a strangely soothing voice.
His eye's were locked on mine, he stepped closer, I swear my heart jumped. Having him so close to me, was still,

well, kinda awkward. He was my boss, and somehow I'd managed to attract him.

I hadn't noticed, but there were traces of a small scar under his left eye. It was faint, but with him this close, it was

noticeable. My lung's seemed to lock up, I just woke up and already I wanted everything and more from Adam. I

opened my mouth trying to speak, to break the silence between us. Before I was able to get a word out, I was met

by his cool lip's, sending a current running through my body, forcing me to recollasped on his bed.
When he backed away, I regained my grip on the sheet's, pulling myself back into a sitting position. Smirking, he

winked before exiting the tent.

I slid out of his bed, noticing my combat gear sitting neatly on top of the dresser Adam punched in rage last night.

How had he washed and dried them, in such a short amount of time? I wasn't going to question anything he did, I

was just happy to have clean clothes.

Though, I was a tad creeped out by the fact that Adam had somehow taken my boots and tights off, without me

waking up. But, after the night we had, I was exhausted. Even this morning, I was sore.

After getting dressed, I took a moment to relax, leaning against the bedframe. He'd done quite a number to me.

Shutting my eyes for a moment, and inhaling deeply, the image of Adam over me, with hunger, lust in his eyes kept

playing over and over.  

A few minutes passed and I felt Adam's lips against mine once more. "I was worried that you'd fallen back to sleep."

I giggled to myself, leaning into him. "We should definitely do this again sometime." I shyly suggested, breaking his

grips around me, in order to gather the rest of my things and brush my hair.

I could feel the smug look on his face as he responded. "Come now, Darling... Did you honestly believe I would only

have you one evening?"  Adam's hand tapped my shoulder, leaving again.  

Taking a deep breath, I calmed myself. We were going on a mission, and I needed to focus, not sure how well I'd do

with him around. Also not sure how he'd do with me around, maybe he's used to this sort of thing, but I wasn't.

The sky was dark, cloudy, I could tell by the smell of the wind that it would start pouring any minute. Adam handed

me a satchel, which I threw over my shoulder, following his lead out of the camp.

Looking over I noticed Farrand shaking his head in disapproval.  "You're acting like a lost puppy." he muttered under

his breath. Stopping, I turned towards him, anger visible on my face. "Blake? Something wrong?" Adam questioned,

stopping a moment after I.

He hadn't heard. Deciding against telling him I ignored Farrand's teasing, I didn't want either of them starting a

fight. It would delay our departure and get in the way of my time alone with Adam. I calmed myself once more,

before turning to face my boss, with a smile. "No, thought I heard something." I lied, ushering him out of the camp.

Rain began to fall, the breeze carrying a pleasant grassy scent, a fragrance I adored. I also caught a rather musky

smell, a mix between, black pepper, vanilla and ginger. Was it from Adam? I hadn't noticed it before.

And now here I was thinking not of our mission, but how I'd given my virginity to Adam last night. I didn't mind, in

fact I was yearning for more, I just wasn't sure how to initiate it. Should I just ask him? Should I wait until he

mention's it? Would he get offended if I wasn't the one to ask? My body was already hot, I was ready for him, but

we had a lot to do before we could think about it.  

The train whistled in the distance, I shook the thoughts out of my head, and prepared to leap from the cliffside.
Adam took my hand, practically flinging me off the cliff, luckily I was paying enough attention and kept from falling

off the train when I landed. Due to my carelessness, I'm certain my ankle and shoulder will bruise.

Adam landed next to me, helping me up, and wrapping his arm around my waist so I could steady myself.

Once the train reached the station, we jumped down between the cars, taking off our mask's and entering. With

everyone boarding and departing, no one would notice a faunus couple sneak in through the back.

"I wouldn't doubt the White Knight's sending someone to watch us, so don't mention anything about this task."

Adam warned, smirking after he spoke, pulling me closer to him. "However, you can talk about everything you want

me to do to you later."

There's no way I could have talked about something like that, not in public. I doubt I'd be able to in solitary.

We had a 45 minute train ride before reaching the docking station of the ships. Because we were Faunus, we started

getting looks from some passengers. Adam stood protectively in front of me, not for sweet reasons, but most likely

because he didn't want another man even thinking about having their way with me. Adam had claimed me, and he

would defend that title. It's how he operated, he's a bull after all. Stubbornness is typical behavior.

The ride seemed like it was taking forever, Adam decided to sneak in a few kisses. I could tell he was yearning for

me just as much as I yearned for him.  
He leaned closer, so no one else would hear his words. "When we get to the hotel, I am going to make your night."

I had assumed that the hotel was only for rest, one of us would sleep, while the other kept watch. But, if Adam

wanted to fool around, I wasn't going to stop him.

"That's fucking disgusting." A voice from the crowd called.

I looked out the window, we're so close to the city! We only had to avoid conflict for a bit longer.
Obviously by the look in Adam's eye's, that wasn't going to be possible. "You wish to repeat yourself?" He growled,

in annoyance.

The male addressing us had a smug look on his face.  "Better watch yourselves. I could kill this body, and the

onlookers would all think you had attacked."

It clicked with me immediately, this was Ligero.

"Adam..." I grabbed his sleeve, urging him not to do anything.

"I have no choice really."  Adam placed his hand on the hilt of his sword. "Either way, he's going to kill his body and

make it look like we did it, or I can take some joy out of eliminating this bastard again."

I  could see the anger in his eye's, something had happened between those two, something bad. Rage resonated

through the car. The other passengers were afraid, some shaking, younger one's starting to tear up. Anyone could

tell there was a lot of bad blood between these two. And most could see that blood was about to be spilt.  

"Adam...." I repeated, concern lingering within my voice.

He pulled his arm free, shoving me back, before un-sheathing his sword and impaling Ligero, sending the passengers

into a panic.  The local police attempted pushing through the crowds to confront us, but Adam was a fast thinker. He

grabbed my arm, pulling me with him, exiting through the back, and jumping off the train, into the cover of plant life.

Adam landed perfectly, in a crouched position. I however didn't land as perfect. Not being able to properly judge my

landing strategy, my boots splashed in a freshly formed puddle of mud.

"We're not to far from the dock's, I doubt the train will reach the station before we reach the ships." He started

walking ahead, towards the city. I kept quiet for the moment, because we were in a rush, but what he'd done was

stupid and reckless.

The people in the city didn't tend to pay much attention to us. We got the occasional glance every now and then, but

that was probably due to my clothes being  filthy.

Thanks to Adam knowing the back routes, we didn't run into any trouble, successfully reaching the docking port. Few

police were around, but none of them seemed to give Adam or I a second glance. Almost like they expected us to be

there. Had Adam somehow compromised with them? Surely by now they should have known about a faunus couple

who randomly killed someone on a public train?

We boarded the airship, lead by one of the crew members to a private room. He'd defiantly paid someone off, there

was no doubt about it.  

I was curious, if he paid this captain or whatever off, why didn't he do the same with the train? Well, airships were

personally owned, and trains were taken care of by the government, due to the Schnee's using the railroad as their

method of dust transportation. But, people were greedy, surely if offered enough, anyone would crack.

Everything was quiet, all that could be heard was the engine and a few people talking as they passed by our room.
This would probably be the only chance I had to confront Adam about what he did, how reckless he was.

"So, why'd you do it?" I simply asked, wanting the conversation to start with simple curiosity, rather then me

berating him.  

He turned his attention away from the window, to focus on me. Raising an eyebrow he responded, "Do you have a

problem with it?"

Great, instant aggression.

I didn't want to start an argument here, any arrangement's he mad could easily be overlooked if we cause trouble.  

Shaking my head no, Adam rolled his eye's before returning his gaze outside.  

What went on in his head? Could he really hate that man so much that he'd jeopardize our lives, just to get at him?

If so, was he really safe to be around? At least mission wise?

Hour's passed, everything grew dark, about fourteen hours had passed since we began this journey, and we hadn't

spoken for at least twelve of it.  And Just how was Adam able to stand unmoving for so long?  Leaning against the

window, arm's crossed, so stiff.  He hadn't even bothered to look when I shifted positions. Was he angry? Thinking

about combat strategies?  He didn't look mad, he wasn't showing any emotion. He was just....blank.

I couldn't stand this solitude anymore. I finished the one book I brought hours ago.  I needed human interaction.

"Hey..." I called out, feeling the ship jerk, signifying it's landing.

Adam glanced over at me finally, he looked confused, almost as if he wasn't expecting me to be here. "Oh, just you."

he mumbled, almost low enough to where I couldn't hear.  

Uncrossing his arm, he grabbed his bag, throwing it back over his shoulder and heading towards the door. "Let's go,

we talk later."

Once again, I allowed him to lead me through the backstreets of the city. The hotel he booked was nice, nothing

fancy, but at least it wasn't run down and dirty. Cleaner then the White Fang camp, anyway.

We entered our room, small, only a bed, dresser, small kitchen and bathroom, but really, that's all the two of us


Since we were alone now, it was time to bring up his actions again. Here we could argue, if need be, The room next

to ours was vacant.

"About earlier, on the train..." I began, setting my bag on the bed. "What you did was reckless, you could have

gotten us both hurt, or worse. And those children, they didn't need to see a man gutted before them..."

He sighed angrily, setting his bag and weapon down. "Those kid's should have seen more then what I did to that

man. They should know what the real world is like."

I don't know what happened, but a switch in me flipped, I grew angry. Without thinking about it, I shoved him away

from me. "I am not going to partner with a cynical jackass! Let alone sleep with one. If you ever do anything like

that again-...."

Adam's hand was clenched, I knew I overstepped my boundaries. He back-handed me, knocking me back and pinning

me against the bed.  "You'll what? Preach to the crowd about how everyone should get along in peace? This isn't

preschool, you're a mercenary, a faunus, you know what this world is like, you've seen what they keep hidden. Do not

question my motives!" A growl formed in his throat as he spoke, his teeth grinding together.

Suddenly, it was like a different person was looking at me. His anger replaced by tranquility, like we weren't in the

middle of a heated argument. Adam placed his hand gently against my cheek, the frigid temperature of his glove

taking away the sting of his slap.

He didn't say a word after that, it was actually really awkward for a bit.

After awhile, he released his grip, and sat on the bed next to me. "Are you.....Are You alright?"

I nodded, not sure what I should say, was this even the same man?  

Standing, he picked Wilt and Blush, heading towards the door. "Wait!" I hollered, standing and reaching out,

grabbing the sleeve of his coat. "Where are you going?"

Returning his cool glove to my cheek, his lips pressed to mine. "I'll be back soon. I need to clear my head." He

replied, exiting the room.

I sat back on the bed, lying down, trying to figure out what had just happened. First he acted as if he didn't know

me, then as if he didn't know why we were arguing. I couldn't wrap my head around it. Perhaps I could ease my mind

by sleeping for a few minutes.


"Oooooh! Master, this will be easy!" A young girl's voice shouted with excitement, causing me to jerk awake, only to

see Ligero and some blue haired faunus standing in my room. I leaped up, reaching for Gambol shroud, only to be

knocked back by the girl.

She giggled. "Soooorry, my master say's he has plans for you! And that mean's, you can't run away.~" There was a

musical chime to her voice.  "Just go back to sleep awhile, kay?" She chuckled again before jumping up and kicking

me in the skull.

"Nami, don't be to rough, she doesn't like that." Ligero's joke was the last thing I heard before blacking out.

I awoke in a bedroom, my hands were tied behind my back and my mouth was gagged. Ligero and a different girl

were standing in front of me this time.

"Poor little kitty, all tied up, and no bull to fondle her. We should teach him a lesson for leaving you in your time of

desire." Ligero whispered, placing his hand on my hip. "You should be honored, it's not often I show up to take care
of my guest's." His lip's reached my temple, pressing against my hair before releasing.

"Just one more question left to answer." he paused for a moment. "Actually, Momo, why don't you come play with our
friend. She hasn't experienced a woman's touch. Don't stop until she has at least one orgasm for us." Ligero stepped
back, allowing this younger, pink-haired cat-faunus to step forward.

She undid the button of my shorts, I couldn't do so much as protest with the gag in my mouth.  

"H-huh, she's already wet.." The girl reported, slipping her hand down my pants.

Ligero smiled, "Of course, she's been thinking about riding her bull all day."

I had to do something, though I doubt my struggling would get me anywhere, I had to knock this girl away.

"Ah-ah-ah, little kitty." Ligero warned, moving behind me on the bed and placing his hands on my inner thigh's to
keep my legs spread. "I want to enjoy this before your boyfriend figures out your missing."

Momo began working on me again, thrusting in, my juices could be heard sloshing around her fingers. I tried to keep
every groan inside, and as much as I should have hated it, as much as I wanted to hate it, I enjoyed her touch.
I was wet, ready for Adam, desiring his touch, his erection inside me. This girls fingers eased my needs.
That and apparently, being tied up, unable to stop what was happening to me was a big turn on. Adam had done it

the previous evening and now Ligero and his slut was doing it.  I wanted more then just her fingers buried  within


Whenever Adam and I were back in our room, I already made up my mind about making love to him.

Momo placed a finger on my clit, proceeding to lean in and lap up my wetness, causing me to groan in ecstasy.
"Oh! What was that little kitty?" Ligero questioned, loosening the gag.

I was breathing heavy, but, calmly I leaned back into him. "Adam is going to kill you." I laughed, before moaning as
Momo slipped her tongue inside. "You might think he's coming just to save me, but his anger from you taking me
isn't what you need to worry about."

"Oh, so why should I be concerned?" He pondered, sliding his hand up to my clit as well.

Again, I moaned. "Because, Adam is going to find me, and see that I'm flustered and hot, and he's going to know
what you did. Not only that but.." My heavy breathing picked up, feeling the pushing and pulling motion return.


"He's going to know I enjoyed it. His rage will leave, jealousy taking over, and believe me, that is not a demon you
want to face."  I threatened, hoping to scare him away, but it seemed to have the opposite effect as he replaced
Momo's finger's.

Ligero was forceful with his thrusts, and his nail's weren't any better. He purposely tried hurting me by bending his
fingers, and allowing his nails to scrape against my walls. "Ah!" I let out a pained moan, jerking forward.

"See what happens when you try to act big and bad? It hurts, doesn't it?" He scoffed, tightening his grip around me,
making sure I'd keep my leg's spread. "Though, if you beg for it, I'll make you feel good again."

Growling, I lashed backwards, bashing my skull against his face. Ligero was pissed, he got up, pushing Momo back,
pressing against my shoulder's forcing me against the bed. "You really want to try my patience? When I can do
anything to-"

"Ah!" A cry echoed from the hall's.

Slumping footsteps could be heard approaching, slowly but surely.

The girl from before rounded the corner, clutching her side, blood trailing down her shirt. She collapsed in front of us.
"I managed to get away, but..." She stuttered, clenching her wound tighter.  Ligero lost interest in me momentarily,
moving to check on his, whatever she was.

"Blake!" Adam's voice shouted.

It hadn't dawned on Ligero that during his display of 'alpha', he'd taken the gag out of my mouth.

"Adam!" I shouted back, causing Ligero to spin around and backhand me, before pulling Nami up and Momo closer,
seemingly disappearing in a wave of water.

He walked in the room, as I predicted, the anger fading from his face the moment he saw the heat in mine.  

Reaching around me, he carefully untied my restraints, not saying a word. I knew his rage was far beyond anything I
could imagine.  
As soon as I was free, I wrapped my hand's around his waist, thankful he'd come before Ligero could have done
anything else.  

Adam comforted me for only a moment before turning a walking out of the room, still without saying a word. Our
walk back to the inn felt longer then it was, he refused to speak to me. Even now as we sat in our room, he didn't
bother to make eye contact. I understood how he felt, seeing me with such a satisfied look flooding my cheeks
probably tore him up.



I sighed, standing and grabbing him by his shoulder's forcing him to look at me. I was angry, prepared to yell at
him, it was his fault this happened in the first place, if he hadn't thrown his fit and left, they wouldn't have gotten to

me. Not to mention, enjoying what they did is the only defense I had, Ligero could have done so much more, but he

was just teasing me. But, as soon as I saw the pain lingering in his eyes, tears just started streaming down, I

couldn't control myself.

It was then I managed to break through to him, his eye's expressed sorrow, his arm's reaching to cradle me, to
protect me from the danger's of the world. We stood together, without words again, though now it was strangely

"Blake.." His voice was strangely lamenting. Though I haven't known him long, Adam didn't seem like the type to
feel guilt.

Giggling to myself, I tightened my grip around him. "You don't have to say anything." I assured him.

What I really wanted to say was: 'Adam, throw me on the bed and ravish me.' But, how do you ask someone to
touch you? Should you just be direct? Give him hints? Start by touching him? Lay back and hope he wouldn't be
uncomfortable if I were to touch myself?

In the end, I decided telling him would be best, though I was afraid of how he'd react, he would either be angry, or

I held my breath for a second, taking a step away, looking into his eyes. His hand slid from my arm to my waist,
forcing me to stay close to him. "A-Adam...." I looked down, shyly at the thought.
"What's wrong?" Was his immediate response, not yet catching on to my impulses.

I took a deep breath before reconnecting my eyes to his. "I need you inside me."

Those words, of course, were met by him slamming me against the wall, his eyes previously filled with sorrow were
replaced by hunger, a hunger powered by revenge. He absolutely needed to let me know he was the better choice,
that he knew how to pleasure me.

"Can I hurt you, tonight?" He pushed himself against me, unbuttoning my shorts and sliding his hand down, rubbing
my clit. "Y-yes..." His grin widened with my reply.  "Good." His tone was malicious.

He slid my shorts and intimates down, grabbing my left leg to widen my stance as he shoved three fingers inside
this time. It stung at first, before my body could adjust. He used his thumb to stimulate my clit, it was such a
miraculous feeling, if he wasn't holding me up, I'm sure I would have fallen.

And there it was, the feeling of his erection pressing against my thigh, he was excited, and I wanted to make him
feel as good as I felt. But with these feelings coursing through me, I knew I couldn't move well enough to pleasure
him, so maybe he'd enjoy a damsel in distress?

Adam pulled his hand out, letting my leg down. He fumbled with his pant's, I could tell he couldn't wait, he had to
put it inside now. I reached out grabbing the hand that was previously inside of me, lifting it to my mouth, wrapping
my tongue around his index finger and bringing it in so I could suck off my juices. "Blake Belladonna, you are one
sexy girl." He whispered in my ear as I switched fingers, licking the tip of the next. Before I could finish the third, he
took his hand from me, using what was left of my cum to coat the tip of his cock.

Taking my leg again, he eased himself inside, which gave me the perfect opportunity to play the innocent girl. "Oh!

Be careful, you're way too big!" I squealed, placing my lips on his collarbone.

He began thrusting, his hand running through my hair, eventually grabbing my ear and rubbing it.  My entire body

was hot, trembling  with lust, I wanted more, I needed everything he could give.  
Suddenly that hot feeling focused in one area, my stomach. I wasn't able to hold my pleasure any longer and I had

released it, spilling my wetness down his throbbing member.

Adam pulled out, but I wasn't ready for him to stop. I grabbed him by his shirt keeping him near me. "Relax, I'm no

where near done with you."  

Walking over to a chair and sitting, he gestured for me to come over. Of course I followed, but instead of sitting on

his lap, I got on my knee's in front of him. Again, I took him into my mouth, a groan leaving his throat, as I allowed

my lips to wrap around his head, followed by teasing of my tongue.

Why not mess with him like he messed with me? I pulled off, glancing up at him, giving him a devilish smile.

Wrapping one hand around his base and the other around his head, with my thumb tracing the tip, I licked the side

beforing glancing up, noticing Adam slumped forward with his hand over his eyes. He looked a little pale.

"Are you alright?" I asked, concerned.

Again he gave me that look, like he didn't even realize I was there. He lowered his hand, reaching to stroke my cat

ear. "Perfect." His gaze changed from surprised to amorous. "Instead of continuing, why don't you sit on my lap for a

bit?" He suggested, returning his hand to the arm of the chair.  

"You're sure?"

He nodded in response. "You can do that later. I want to have fun with you while we have time." Pulling me onto him

as soon as I stood up, he entered me without warning, my hand tightly gripped his shoulder in response.  

Knowing exactly what he wanted, his hand's went to work on my sweater, quickly sliding it down my arms and

throwing it aside, my shirt and bra soon followed.  I was pretty much completely naked, only wearing my tights and

boots again. He must've liked this look.  Adam gripped my shoulder to keep me balanced, and forced me to lean back

with the other, so he could get a good look at me.

I could feel him pulsing inside of me, that made more of my juices seep out.

"Have you fantasized about me?" That question made everything in my mind stop for a moment. I had, back when I

first met him, I thought of him dismissing everyone from the tent except for me and then forcing me to take him

inside. That night was a great night, didn't get much sleep due to my imagination, but I didn't mind.

I closed my eye's, my face was on fire. "Mm hmm." Was I all I could mange. "Oooh." He took my hand, placing it on

my clit, his finger over mine, making me rub myself. "You'll have to show me what that look's like."
I didn't want to look at him, he was inside me, he was touching me, I couldn't ask for a heavenlier feeling.

"Keep your eyes closed and pretend I'm not here. Moan for me." He moved his hand behind me, to help keep me

balanced. "I-I don't know if I can..." I muttered.  He kept silent, knowing that if he spoke I defiantly wouldn't be able

to pretend he wasn't there. His erection was already a giveaway.

Oh god did I love how he felt inside me. He wasn't going to move, he would punish me by not pleasuring me if I

didn't do as he asked. So I gave it my all. My moaning increased, I called his name a couple times, threw out a couple "no stops" to increase his excitement and surprisingly my own.

Without realizing I sub-consciously began to trust, arching my back. Luckily Adam was able to keep me steady as I reached my peak, opening my eyes, seeing that alluring smile on his face as he took in every motion I made.

"You're simply amazing." Adam approved my performance.

Placing a kiss on my collar bone, he brought me closer, whispering in my ear. "I'm going to tie you up, ok?"
Gasping at the thought, I nodded agreeing. If I figured out one thing today, it was that I loved being helpless while someone was playing with me.

Lifting me in his arms, he placed me on the bed, pinning my shoulders to the mattress while forcing my hands to the headboard, before securing them with my ribbon. Afterwards he got a really devious grin, reaching towards his bag. He pulled out a toy, had he always had it? Was he always planning to tie me up and do anything he wanted? Would have proceeded even if I said no?

"You don't mind, do you? I just want it inside you for a photo." He explained, repositioning himself ontop of me, inserting the object inside, moving it rhymatically in and out.

A photo? He didn't even ask about taking a photo of me. He was just going to take one. But, I didn't protest, the thought of being separated from him and him getting off to a photo of me in distress was hot. And his motions allowed more of my juices to flow from me, a feeling I enjoyed.

During my moaning, I was thinking of nothing other then Adam fucking me, two nights ago, currently, and in the future. I snapped out of my daze hearing a click, and feeling a different sensation, a vibration. "A-Adam!" I whined, warmth spreading through my body again. "Relax, it will be over soon, right now just concentrate on your pleasure." He laughed, grabbing his scroll from the bag.

So here I was, nearly naked, with the exception of my boots, tights and garter belt, tied up, panting, drooling, moaning and cumming from the vibration of the toy inside. I spread my legs, assuring him that I was into it just as much as he was.

After taking the photo, he sat his scroll down on the nightstand, removing the toy and taking me again. Sex tied up was amazing, I wanted to wrap myself around him, but I couldn't.

Wiping the sweat from his forehead, he stretched, probably just to taunt me with his free movement. "Can you handle just a little more? It won't take more then a few minutes. No one else liked the idea of doing this, but you, I think you'll find it quite enjoyable."

I couldn't refuse, it was obvious he had relations with other girls, and hearing that no one else let him do whatever it is he wanted to do excited me. I could have something from him no other girl got to experience.

He brought out another cloth, tying it around my eyes. I couldn't see a thing. Not being able to move or see what he was going to do? Very thrilling.

My hearing was enhanced due to my momentary blindness, Adam left the bed, he was rummaging around for something, the rattling was a familiar sound, but I couldn't figure it out. That's when it hit me. I felt the bed shift as he climbed back ontop, a soft tap where he'd set something down on the nightstand and suddenly a frigid feeling.

"Ah! What the hell!?" I shouted, jerking away, feeling water drip down my pussy. Ice? Why ice? It was cold, to abrupt and weird. I didn't like it, until he slipped it inside me of course. My insides were hot, the ice chilled everything, giving me another strange, fulfilling sensation.

The icecube quickly melted, sending the water flowing out.

His lips pressed against my clit, they were as frozen as the ice. There was ice in his mouth, I felt him teasing me with it as he licked and kissed my sensitive areas. He worked his tongue inside me, lapping at my liquid before using his tongue to slide what was left of the icecube inside me.

This continued in various ways, he kissed everywhere, making me shiver with bliss while he ran the ice over my body. My breasts, my stomach, my back and my neck, all shivering with pleasure.

"Last piece." He noted outloud, his lips reaching mine, just as cold as they were on my body. I allowed his tongue to enter my mouth, he passed the ice to me for a moment before taking it back. We repeated this motion until it melted, his hands sliding up my arms untying the restraints, my blindfold next.

"I'm so cold." I stammered, my arms wrapping around each other. "One load will warm you up." He mocked, tracing my clit. Immediately I moved my hand to his cock tightly gripping it. "You sure you can produce another?" I taunted, resulting in him pushing me back. "Just for that you're-" He was cut of by the beeping of his scroll.  Glancing over, he seemed annoyed. "We'll have to do this another time." He growled grabbing his scroll and walking into the bathroom closing the door so I wouldn't hear.

I was curious, who had called? Why was it so important he ignored his lust for me? My clothes were near the door, so I had an excuse to get close. I would just say I hadn't heard anything if he asked.

"This again? I thought I told you..."

"You have proof? Show me."

"Yes, that does look like her."

"That's none of your business."

"If she offered herself to you would you refuse?"

"I'll take care of it."

"If need be, I'll eliminate her."

"Her tent? I searched her belongings, there's no way.."

"I'll talk to Blake, see if I can get her to confess."

"Then I'll make her wish she'd thought twice."

If I had to guess, he was talking to Farrand. And because of his hatred for me, he was framing me, making Adam think I was working for someone else. At this point he'd think I was Ligero's plant. Since I 'enjoyed' him so much.

I successfully got redressed, and was in the middle of using my ribbon to tie my hair back when Adam walked back out, glaring at me. I smiled, using my eyes to show interest in him, hoping that would be enough to convince him that I wasn't against him. I really wasn't but apparently Farrand had proof.

"Bad news?" I questioned, tightening the ribbon.

"Very." His tone was callous again.  

He too got redressed, facing away from me the entire time.

"Why did you let me take your virginity?" His tone was now full of doubt.  

"I saw you, you made me horny, and so I fucked you." I answered honestly.

"There was no meaning behind it? You just wanted to be a slut?" Rage grew in his voice.

Can't say I wasn't a bit insulted by his words, he was right though. I wanted to be a slut, I wanted to be his slut. "Yeah, I guess that's what it was."

Facing me, I could see the anger in his eyes, he was livid. This temper held far more emotion then earlier when he saw me pleased by Ligero.

"I'm going to ask you this once. If you answer honestly, you won't be punished as severely as you will be if I find out you're lying." Adam warned, grabbing my arms and pinning me to the wall, using a hand to grip around my chin forcing me to look at him. "Are you a spy?"


"If I find out you are, I will kill you. Very, very slowly and painfully. Think about it, believe me, you'll want to tell me before I find out." He reminded me, letting go.

Wrapping my arms around his waist as he turned, I hugged him tightly.

"I'm not doing this just to get at you. I'm doing it because I truly want you."

"You better."

To be continued.....
Ninjas of Love: Chapter Four: Duality.

Seriously this is 80% erotica. 

There may be mistakes, but I have school and work tomorrow so I'll correct anything then! 

Also sorry for the wait, I have a job now and had to go through training. 

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