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Weiss Schnee Coloured by ALEXACEDEATH

This is really good. The detail you put in this shows that you really took your time and you enjoyed what you were doing. However ,allo...

by Smushey

Just when I thought all beauty in the world was gone I see this wonderful piece of work

Blake Belladonna by ALEXACEDEATH

She looks really great here. the only thing I see wrong here is that the eyes are a little big ,the outside lines are a little dark and...




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Jovita Lynn Branson (Lynne)
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AyanaRin, at your service!
My real name is Jovita, but I prefer to be called, Lynne(My middle name). (You can also call me by my Username, AyanaRin.)

I grew up in northern Indiana, moved a lot because of my fathers work, but never strayed to far from home. I've always loved nature, space and mystical things.

I'm a novice writer, having taught myself most I know of language arts, due to a poorly funded school system that loved cutting corners.

I don't really have a favorite genre, so long as I am taken on an epic journey, it can be about anything!

I've studied a lot of psychology, micro-expressions, medical science, battle tactics and the like in order to farther my knowledge and to create great character's, instead of just winging it. I also study different cultures and religions as well, so all of my precious creations can differ from each other.

My favorite season is either Fall or Winter, you can tell by my stories normally beginning in one of these season's. I love writing blizzard scene's, whether its a fight or some fluff.
I also have an undying love for thunderstorms.

My favorite number would have to be 3, because of the trinity held by any religion. 3 is known to be a powerful number.







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Chapter Two: Beauty.

My darling finally arrived a few minutes after I sent Farrand after her. I placed my book down on the table I was standing behind. “Blake… I trust Farrand hasn’t given you much trouble?” I questioned raising a brow, hoping she’d give him up.

“He didn’t stick around long.” She replied, obviously hiding something, not wanting to bring the tension up.  

I sat down, gesturing for her to do the same. It took her a moment to move, she was probably nervous, this was her first face to face confrontation with me. A lot of my soldiers were afraid of meeting alone with me.
"The information you retrieved has opened some new leads, as well as furthering our own development's." I explained, clicking her scroll into a 3d imaging device, allowing the data to load.
"The White Knights, as they call themselves are heading to Atlus. According to their logbook, they have quite the advanced armory. A man Code-Named Snow is supplying them. My guess is he's either a Schnee or working very close to them."

She seemed to lose concentration rather easily, rather than staring off into space, she kept her eyes locked on mine, possibly forming her own strategies as I told her of mine.

“We’ll head to Atlus, draw their attention and then seemingly vanish allowing another team to attack them, distracting them long enough for us to slip in and shut them down. Taking out anyone or anything that gets in our way. This won’t be easy to accomplish, but since you are the best mercenary I have, second only to me, we’ll be able to pull through.”

I cleared my throat to draw her attention before sliding her scroll back to her. “Do you have any questions?” I inquired, figuring she’d ask about the plan since she didn’t appear to be listening.
“Actually, about my salary…” I interrupted, surprised that this was her concern. “You want a raise?” I was curious, not that I minded giving her a raise, she out of everyone deserved it.

Her face slowly became as red as a beat. “Something like that.” Blake replied, a moment before her foot made its way to my inner thigh, rubbing against my member in a teasing way.

I couldn’t hide the grin or keep the chuckle that formed inside. It would be easier to claim her then I imagined. She wanted the same as I.  “You’re yearning for intimacy, is that right?”
My darling glanced down in embarrassment. “Correct.” She agreed. “Then I can arrange something. Wait for me in your tent. I’ll pick you up when I’m ready.” I commanded, she immediately stood and gave a slight bow before turning and walking out.

After I was sure she was gone, i sighed heavily, standing myself. “What?” I questioned in an angry voice as Farrand walked in. “You’re going to sleep with her? Just because she turned you on? “
I pushed my chair in, before walking over to a small stack of papers that was sitting on a smaller table nearby. “If you are going to tell me a conspiracy theory about how I’m walking into her trap, then save it. That’s the exact reason I’m taking her with me and not you. I’m sick of you.” I growled.

He was quiet for a moment. “Honestly, I’m not sure who I feel sorry for: You if she does turn out to be a traitor like my ‘wild’ accusations, or her if she isn’t a traitor and is stuck with you, waiting for her turn to be cast out and ridiculed like you’re doing to me.”

At this time he was leaning against the table, which was a mistake, as I quickly pinned him to it, with my hand wrapped around his throat. “Would you like to repeat that?” I challenged him. “I don’t think I have to.” With that response, I threw him to the side, he recovered from his fall quickly. “Not going to kill me?” He taunted, grinning as he spoke. “What’s the point, you’d just enjoy it.”

Thank god he’d finally left, giving me a chance to calm down before going to claim my Blake.
I quickly changed to something more comfortable, easier to get off if she were to give in our first night together, but something covering enough not to make her uncomfortable.
As I made my way to her tent, I could feel Farrand’s rage, though he was smart enough to keep out of sight.

I swung the cloth of the tent open, Blake was laying on her mat, her back facing me, she let out a rather bored sigh. “Good evening, my darling.” I called out, causing her to glance over her shoulder. I offered her my hand. “It must be cold sleeping out here alone, why don’t you accompany me tonight?” She took my hand, pulling herself up, trying to connect our lips, but I quickly counteracted it with a kiss on her jaw, I was not about to let her have the first kiss.
“Not yet my dear.” I replied, sweeping her into my arms, proceeding to carry her to my tent.

Upon arriving, I layed her down on my bed, sitting next to her, gazing into her amber eyes, which were full of anticipation. She was going to be mine, and she had little choice in the matter. Her fate was already decided. Of course, it didn’t seem to bother her, she’d already cuddled up to me.

“You're awfully gentle.” She commented after a moment.

Gentle? No.

I grabbed her jaw, forcing her to look at me. "Believe me darling. I am only playing nice with you, because I have yet to claim you. I'm the farthest thing from a 'gentleman'." I chuckled to myself, amused "Unless I'm mistaken, you wished for a night of pleasure?"  

She kept silent, I moved my hand, running it through her hair before untying the bow she for some reason insisted on keeping. I wanted her to know I wasn’t going to force her into anything she didn’t want. “Blake….” I called softly, noticing that she loosened a bit as I spoke her name. “If…” My sentence was abruptly cut off by an explosion. It sounded close.

My camp was in panic, no matter how much I had scolded them, telling them not  to panic, they were doing the opposite. Farrand barged into my room, he was one of the few who kept a level head. “Sir.” He began, stopping only to eye Blake. “Sir, it's him.” He turned to leave after speaking. I knew exactly who ‘he’ was. The partner I had before I’d taken Farrand under my wing.

I stood, throwing a punch to my nearby chest of drawers. This action caused Blake to jump.
“Blake, darling, please go and stall our problem. I commanded her, trying to keep my rage controlled.  She gave me a simple nod before heading out.

All that was left was to change back into my combat garb, and then head out to take that man on before he could hurt my darling to much.  
Once changed, I grabbed my sword before heading to the explosion site.

Blake was exhausted by the time I reached them, blood staining part of her attire. The blood wasn’t hers, it was his, that man had two gaping wounds inflicted upon him, yet he acted as if he were not injured. This was not his body, just a puppet.  
Glancing over at Farrand who looked as if he’d been taken out I growled under my breath. He was faking, forcing my woman to fend for herself.

“Poor little Bella, you should have just given in. Now, you’ve made me angry.” My ex-partner growled, flicking his wrist, sending one of his hidden knives flying, managing to hit my Blake, sending her to her knees with a slight whimper. I knew his tricks, that knife was poisoned.

I was enraged, the only person ever allowed to make my woman whimper, was me. And he was going to see my rage. I blocked his hidden knife with the blade of Wilt, using it to charge my semblance. He didn’t seem to see me approaching and continued taunting Blake.

"Well now, it seems you can't escape, you'll just have to deal with anything I decide to do-" I’d heard enough, it was time for him to leave, hopefully plunging my sword through his chest was enough of a hint. "Hey, now, bull-y, that wasn't very fair." The wolf-faunus laughed, as I ripped my sword from his chest. “I was just getting to the best part.” He growled, proceeding to strike me.

His blows however were futile and he should have known that. Make me wonder why he even bothered.  I allowed him to strike me until he was visibly exhausted. “Tch, oh well….I lost.” He noted before I knocked him away from Blake, who was still on her knees, unable to move.

Placing my hand on the hilt of Wilt, I decided that my semblance was charged enough to destroy this puppet and I unleashed a wave of energy, disintegrating him.

Turning back to Blake, I couldn’t help but smile as her eyes connected to mine. I reattached my weapon to my belt, before bending down and sweeping her into my arms.

“That seemed a little easy for you.” She stated, rather confused. “What are you implying?” I questioned.  Blake struggled to lift her hand to my face. “It’s just,....he seemed immortal, no wound I inflicted could affect him.”

I explained to her that Ligero wasn’t like others, that his semblance was borderline necromancy. He used corpses as puppet and cast his image over them. A truly sickening technique.

After returning to my tent, I’d given Blake a semi-cure. It would dispel the poison Ligero injected in her however, it was a poison itself.
She’d been laying on my bed for quite some time, moaning in agony, waiting for the poison to be dissipate. I could tell she was trying to keep quiet, so she wouldn’t disturb me, but I was far beyond disturbed. Her moans had turned me on.Even if she was moaning in pain, it was still pleasurable to hear.

I placed my hand over her small wound, causing her to wince and let out another moan. “If you’d allow, I’m sure I could bring pleasure to the surface. You wouldn’t suffer as much.” I offered sliding my hand up to the button on her pants.  “Just…..” Her hand found its way to mine, brushing it aside before undoing the button herself “Be gentle, OK?”
“Too bad, I’ll have to decline your wishes. I like it rough.” I slipped my hand down her pants, fondling her, soon finding her entrance. She was already wet from anticipation, that made entering her warm insides a bit easier.  

My kitten laid before me, gasping and groaning. I felt her move her hand, aiming to touch herself, I wasn’t about to allow that. So, I exited her, grabbing both her hands and tied them behind her back using her ribbon. “A-Adam!” She called out in shock, the familiar shade of red lining her face.
I quickly silenced her with a kiss. “Shhhhh Kitten, I’ll be gentle with you for a bit.”

Blake was quite impatient, kicking her shorts off after I slid them down. I crawled over her, pinning her shoulders to the mattress, bringing my lips to her neck. Listening to her beg was a blessing. She wasn’t holding it together well, lust filled her while I continued to tease her by kissing a line down her stomach, her pelvis, her upper thigh, listening to her gasps and annoyed grunts when I didn’t give her what she desired.  Nothing prepared me for the pleasure her soft whimper gave me when my lips finally reached her clit, kissing her before deepening our bond by slipping my tongue in, sucking, licking. It didn’t take long for me to remove my jacket, throwing it off to the side, still teasing her as I slowly undressed.

By the time I re-inserted my fingers, her insides had grown warmer, wetter. She truly was enjoying her time here, I could even feel her pulsating. The way she squirmed and grunted as I pleasured her was amazing, our bodies were meant to be entwined.
Using my free hand, I undid ribbon holding her sweater together, unzipping her shirt directly after.

Though her panties were black, her bra was dark red, to me a woman couldn’t wear anything sexier than red lingerie.  "Oooh, your bra is red, what a coincidence. I tend to go a little wild when seeing a woman in red.” I laughed, pulling her breast free, stimulating it with my tongue and teeth.
“Oh Adam…..” She purred. “I can’t take it anymore!” Her tone went from soft to desperate and pleading, her cheeks darkening. I’ve always thought Blake was a beautiful woman, but seeing her all worked up, panting, drooling and glistening in sweat really brought out her beauty. Naturally and amazingly fuckable, a woman worth making a mate out of.

“Well, I’ll only make you suffer a bit---” Before I was able to finish my thought, she knocked me off of her, rolling on top of me and throwing her clothes aside.. She’d gotten free, definitely a worthy mate.

I was positively immersed in this woman. “You seem to have a some tricks up your sleeve.” I placed my hands on her hips, catching her off guard by sling my hand around her thigh and re-entering her pussy from behind.
“A-ah! You’re not being fair! I’m supposed to have ‘my’ way with ‘you’!” She protested, absentmindedly riding my fingers as she spoke.

For some reason, I felt the need to remind her that I was in control, so I pulled her down to me, roughly kissing her, making sure that she could feel my swollen member against her, she now knew that I was not only teasing her, but also myself, pleasuring her, but denying myself that pleasure.

As soon as she felt my erection, she went into action, tracing my length with a single finger, letting me know that it was my turn to relax. Blake slid down, keeping eye contact with me, good girl, she must’ve had practice somewhere. She started with a simple lick, just the tip at first, then to the base. Her favorite spot seemed to be the tip, she spent a lot of time attending to that part, before nibbling the tip hard enough to send a shiver down my spine, but light enough not to hurt me. It was quite pleasurable. My hand automatically tangled within her hair, letting my darling know that it was time for her to get serious.  She agreed and willingly took my cock into her mouth, swirling her tongue around my shaft.

This wasn’t enough, I needed more. My hand grew heavier, forcing her to deepthroat me, she didn’t seem to mind. My patience was growing thin, of course Blake was great, but primal instinct was too great, her insides were dripping, her fragrance flowing through the room, she was begging me to take her as much as I was begging myself to fuck her.

Kitten distracted her needs by playing with my cock, running her thumb over the tip and pumping the shaft, it wasn’t enough to distract me. With one simple spray, she’d be mine. And with a swift movement I’d flipped her back onto the bed, forcefully spreading her legs and dipping inside her.
I felt her clench up, in pain by my unexpected entrance, in order to calm her, I grabbed her hand, allowing her to squeeze mine as her body adjusted, her pussy pulsating and squeezing around my shaft, having no plan to let me exit until we fucked and came. Even her legs instinctively wrapped around my waist, keeping me trapped inside her.

“Oh god Adam, I really, really want you.” She called out to confirm that she was in a good enough condition for me to start gliding in and out, both of us pulsing against each other.  

“Yeah! Mmm yeah! Oh god Yes!” My mate moaned sweetly into my ear as I kissed and bit her neck, leaving marks to let others know she’d been claimed. “Oh fuck, Adam! You’re so good…it feels like you’ve gotten bigger since we started…..” She kept moaning, turning me on more, complimenting my work.  

She had been silent for a moment, merely grunting at my thrusts, I was almost offended until I realized she’d been waiting for my climax as she whined my name, almost in pain. “Adam….I….I...:” Her fluids flooded out, sliding down her legs. I let my load go after hearing her cry.  A lot of pressure had been released, my cock was still throbbing in her pussy, but it felt less heavy.

My mate let out a sigh of fulfillment, I was nowhere done, she’d have to kept her legs spread for me a bit longer. I had at least one more load to squeeze into her hot mound.

To Be Continued.
NoL: Red Edition - Chapter Two: Beauty
Finally got chapter two done! Pretty much nothing but erotica. Enjoy! 
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Chapter Six: Afflictions

We'd successfully booked a new room before the sun rose. But, what did Adam do as soon as we arrived?
He ditched me.
After all of the.... 'bonding' we went through last night, he still ditches me. Just great.

And what am I supposed to do in the meantime? If I leave, I know he'll freak out. But just sitting in this room doing absolutely nothing, terrible. I can't stand waiting idly by.
Besides, we're supposed to be partners. We should be scouting or whatever he's doing, together. What a jackass.

Hours passed, still haven't heard a thing from him. The evening hours were upon us again, darkness flooding the street. Adam couldn't even be bothered to send a text to at least let me know he's alright. He'd rather have me wait unknowingly in this room.

Finally, though daylight was only a few hours away, he stumbled into our room, obviously worn out by whatever it was he did. He tossed his weapon over to his side of the bed, throwing his jacket off a moment later. A fresh scar lingered across his forearm. From what I could tell the injury is deep, with chance of infection.

"A-" I opened my mouth to question him, but before I could finish my thought he already responded with his usual "I'm fine, don't worry."

I paused, silent for a moment. "Are you at least going to tell me what happened?"

Adam made his way over to his side of the bed. "I need to rest." Was all he managed to respond, before kicking his shoes off and sliding under the covers. "Turn the light out?" Adam called out in a softer tone after a moment.

Not wanting to anger him after whatever his day had held, I stood and pulled the cord, turning and sliding my hand over the doors lock, not wanting anyone to have the chance at sneaking in.
I decided, that since Adam was home and I could now rely on him if anything were to happen, I'd sleep alongside him. When I settled into bed, Adam's back was to me, all I could hear is his light breathing. That somehow relaxed me and I was close to falling to sleep before feeling my partner shift his weight. Upon opening my eyes, I realized he was now facing me, a mischievous grin lined his lips as always. I know that look all to well. It's desire, he was asking for permission to take me, and honestly being alone all day made me want him too.

I couldn't tell which side of him is the side that desires me most. Both his calm side and angry side desperately sought my attention and as always, when I rolled my eyes giving him a simple nod, he was eager to take me.
It never took long for his fingers to wind their way under my panties, gently rubbing my clit, an easy way to make my juices flow. Strangely, he seemed to get the most pleasure out of just watching my reactions when touched.

Adam bent down, whispering in my ear. "I love when you let me lavish you." He spoke as if he were reading my mind. I groaned as he liked before speaking myself. "All we've been doing is fucking lately, is that all you want out of me?" I asked, teasingly of course.  
His fingers slipped inside, following with the rhythmic motion as always. "You are mine to do with as I please." He responded in a simple dominant tone.

"Yes." I agreed without really thinking about it, though I did want to protest in regards to being called his possession. I couldn't muster the will to speak on it, must've been the same alpha ability he used on me last night.  He probably meant it in a sweet way anyways.He wasn’t too good with words.

As always, he had his way and it was quite enjoyable, tender and caring instead of the usual dominance he showed. I assumed this was due to the current personality in control.  
Sadly, instead of lying there and enjoying his company for a bit, I drifted quickly into a deep sleep. How I wish my sleep would have been peaceful.

“How are you still alive? How do you live through all my strikes? What are you?” Adam’s voice questioned as my vision cleared, revealing the grassy plain of the mountain I’d seen the night before.

I was on the ground, looking up at him. Though I had woken up, my mind registered that he’d actually tried to kill me, but only managed to knock me down.
Slowly, I stood, looking my attacker in the eyes, semi-filled with hatred myself. “What’s wrong with you? Why are you trying to--” My sentence was cut off by the sound of footsteps approaching, followed by Adam’s voice calling out to me.

“Blake?” He questioned, confused about my presence.

However, I should have been the one confused, because the Adam I was talking to hadn’t said another word. Somehow, I knew there was a second Adam standing behind me, and the thought comforted me. I was afraid of the Adam in front of me.

“How could you harm her? She hasn’t done anything wrong…” The calm version spoke, grabbing my hand and pulling me to his tight, protective embrace.

Unlike the rageful version, he was not wearing his mask. Maybe he didn’t feel the need to hide from me, while the other wore his mask solely for intimidation?

The angry version snickered. “Don’t hold her like that. She’d rather be fucked, we both know she can’t contain herself.” He mocked, stepping forward, causing the calm Adam to push me behind him. “Don’t you touch her. You’ve hurt her enough!”

I was beyond confused. This had to be a dream, but it felt so real, as if I were actually somehow in his mind.
Though that was impossible.  Looking back up, I realized I shouldn’t have let myself get distracted by my thoughts. Neither version of Adam were wearing a mask now and they moved just enough for me not to know which had been the Adam to protect me.

“Can you tell us apart? Do you love me enough to know when I’m not myself?” One questioned, a bit of sorrow present in his voice. His eyes are what threw me off. His voice was soft, but his glare was full of anger and the other version must’ve been the opposite. His gaze was soft, so he must have been the angry one.

“Of course she can’t. To her it doesn’t matter anyway, so long as she get’s fucked in the end.” He replied to his other self as if on cue.

How would I even figure out who was the original? I didn’t know who Adam was. Sure, I could probably figure out the calm side from the angry side, but there's no way I can figure out which is the original.

“You don’t know…..” Both responded in unison, one sadden and one angered.


“Hey wake up!”

I felt someone shake me awake, when I opened my eyes, it was Adam of course, I was laying in his arms, nearly naked.  

“Why are you crying?” Adam wiped tears from my eyes as he spoke.

I stayed quiet for a minute, I didn’t know what to say.  “I had a dream about you’re split personalities and I couldn’t figure out which side was which or which one was the original?”
Somehow I doubt that would go over well, so I just shook my head. “I don’t remember. “

Which side was I speaking to now? I desperately desired this information. Though it wasn’t the best method, I knew that if I were to offer sex to Adam, I’d figure out which one it was in seconds. One was a sensual lover, we made love rather than fucked. The other was full of kinks, we pretty much did nothing but fuck.

“Adam..” I called, ready to make my move.

“Yes darling?” he kissed my forehead after replying.

I swallowed hard, hesitating to ask, one of the version of him in my dream already thought that I’m a whore, I hoped the actual version did not. Or if he did, I hoped he’d at least realized that I was only for him.

Taking a breath I decided to let my confession out. “I’m really horny.”

He chuckled, taking my words as permission to slip his hand between my legs, over my panties. “You’re already wet. “ he pointed out, getting up from the bed.

“Where are you going?” I asked, feeling him pull his hand away as he got out of bed.  

Pulling me to the side of the bed, he got on his knees in front of me. “I’m thirsty. Thought I’d get a drink.”
Blush filled my cheeks, my body already starting to heat up in response to his words.

He started lightly, just barely tracing my clit outside of my panties, he also lingered above my opening for a couple seconds. It wasn’t long before two of his fingers pushed aside my panties and made their way deep inside me, making me moan. “Adam…..” I called out, he climbed ontop of me, his lips meeting mine. “Yeeeees?” He whispered in my ear seductively, his eyes narrowed, while still allowing his fingers to fuck me.
I glanced down. “If you’re going to drink me, maybe you should add some ice?” I begged, wanting another round of my new found fetish, thanks to him.  He laughed again.  “Of course. Play with yourself until I get back, ok?”

He stood, not removing his fingers until I had inserted two of mine of his to meet his demand. My insides were hot, It was hard not to moan as I pumped my fingers in deeply, trying to match the pleasure he was giving me.
Once he returned with his glass, he stood watching me finger myself for a bit, I made sure my eyes never left his as I moaned and squirmed.

After a moment, he got back down on his needs to watch closer, licking my knuckles and fingers as slipped out and pressed in. This act alone allowed my wetness to drip out.  He grabbed my hand after a minute, pulling it out and handing me an ice cube. He didn’t say a word, but I knew what he wanted. I placed the ice on my clit circling it around, letting out a loud groan as I did so.  I slid it slowly towards my opening and kept ahold of it as I dipped it inside, allowing my juices to coat it.  I then brought it to my mouth, sucking on it, still maintaining my eye contact. He loved when I looked at him, because if I was pleasure enough to avert my gaze, he knew he was doing a good job.

I noticed that he’d started stroking his member, erecting it as he watched. He reached into the glass, pulling out two more cubes and inserting them into me, his fingers following. He let go of himself simply to stimulate my clit, his mouth making its way to my sensitive parts when he realized I was getting close. He licked and sucked on my clit before sticking his tongue inside, using his finger to keep to ice from being in one place too long. He had no problem lapping up the water as the ice melted.  What turned me on the most was the moan he let out as he licked my insides, as a result I subconsciously used both my legs and my hands to keep him from doing anything other then licking me and had several orgasms, allowing my climax to rise to the peak of pleasure before everything gushed out, more than my usual amount, but I assumed it was because of the water.

Until Adam however had alerted me it was not when he got done lapping everything up. “How was it my little squirter?  Was that your first time? “
If somehow my cheeks weren’t already beating red, they were now. “Did I? I squirted?” I questioned, having never done that before, thinking that I was one of the girls who just didn’t do that. “Right down my throat. Now I know how it feels.” He laughed, climbing over me. “I hope you’re not tired, because now I’m horny. VERY horny.” Adam claimed, confirming it by allowing his hardened member to rest against my pussy, dipping inside very lightly, slipping father in by the second, seeing if I would protest. I didn’t. I hadn’t figured out which version of Adam this was, but I was determined to fuck until I knew.  

By now the tip was inside me, his rod already shaking a bit. Anticipation got the best of him. “You wanna fuck on the bed? We did that earlier.” I challenged him to find a new spot, a better position. He exited quickly, pulling me out of bed and taking me down the small hall in our room around the corner and to a door I hadn’t really noticed before. He opened the door, it was a small balcony, the railing made of bricks so the only thing of mine exposed would be my breasts. “A-Adam….” I called a bit unsure of fucking outside. “You’ll love it. Get up against the border, facing away from me.” He commanded, gesturing me over to the wall.
“You wanna take me from behind?” I asked, taking my position. “Mmhmmm. Ass or pussy? I’ll fuck either.” He was pressed against me, hardened cock and all.

This man was responsible for taking away my innocence, and I loved him for it. “Surprise me.” I responded, feeling his fingers trace through my wetness using it to lubricate my ass. “Well, I’ve fucked every hole but this one. It may hurt a bit.”

Again he had his way with me, and after a shared showed to clean everything off and quickly changing the sheets on the bed, we were laying in each others arms, ready to fall fast asleep. I still hadn’t accomplished my goal, I didn’t know which Adam I was with. If there was even two sides, maybe he was just very emotional?
I had to know… I had to.

“Adam?” I softly called, wondering if he were lying awake as I was. “Hmmm?” He replied with little effort, probably already half-way asleep.  “Are there…. Two of you?”
My wonders were met with silence, he was totally asleep, probably didn’t even hear me.  

At least that's what I thought, until hearing a quiet “Yes.” a few minutes later.  

I pulled back to look at him, he was asleep though somehow awake enough to speak with me. I had one more question to ask. “Do you both love me? Genuinely?”


To be continued…….
Ninjas of Love: Chapter Six: Afflictions

Sorry for the long wait everyone! I hit a writing slump and couldn't think of anything for awhile and then I just got busy with school and work. I hope this chapter makes up for the loooooong 5-6 month wait! I hope to not go that long without writing another chapter again!

Anyway! For those of you who don't know, Red Edition is now up!

I hope to have Chapter 2 of Red Edition done before the end of the week and Chapter 7 of this story by Tuesday of next week! I'd like to try and upload NoL on Tuesdays and Red Edition on Fridays/Saturdays if I get the chance!

Chapter One: Shaded Desire

My eyes were planted on a certain woman, a feline that had only been working with us a short time but, she had accomplished far more for my cause than any other soldier of mine. To top that off, she took half the time to do so. She was expected back in camp shortly, I heard rumors that she'd apparently discovered that our rival group had been experimenting with dust, using it to manipulate grimm and to enhance their own abilities.

However, despite her skill I worried about her safety. As my potential mate, I had to keep her safe. To do so, I planned to set out after my darling feline in order to protect her from harm.

"She's not worth your time!" A familiar voice interrupted my train of thought.

It was none other than my right hand, who'd become rather moody since I first met with that woman. Probably felt as if his position was threatened.

"Besides, she's a gonner anyways, no one else has returned northern ruins." He replied smugly.

She took her investigation to the northern ruins? Why would she do something so reckless? I've lost entire groups of soldiers to that fortress, yet she went in alone.
With a sigh I stood from my desk, grabbing Wilt and Blush, my weapons, heading towards the front of my camp, ready to save this foolish woman, despite my partners groans of protest.

It didn't take long to get to the northern ruins, they were only a short walk through the nearby forest. This place had taken some damage, mainly from the surrounding grimm, which were probably attracted to this area due to noise from Blake breaking in.

My ears caught hint of someone carelessly allowing twings to snap beneath their feet. This person was Blake, her skills were far more developed. With all the noise this man was creating, he made it easy to shadow him.

Closer and closer we crept around the structure, a peculiar smell flowed from inside. The smell was pungent but sweet, similar to damp grass. I could tell this gas was meant to knock their target unconscious. As was confirmed by the following sentence the man ahead of me spoke.

"It look's like curiosity really does kill the cat." He commented in a quiet voice that would have been nearly impossible to detect by a human.

The man knelt in front of my Blake, as if taking pity on her. "I'm sure the boss won't mind if I ruff you up a bit before-"
I refused to let him finish his speech about defiling my Blake and quickly silenced him by sliding my blade through his torso.

"Grab her, she undoubtedly has information for us." I commanded my partner who hadn't been to far from me. Mainly to spite him since he was so against rescuing her.

"A-Adam? A….dam?" She called out, her eyes narrowly open, still glassed over.

She was in and out of consciousness, probably didn't even realize she was waking up and calling my name. Perhaps she felt comforted by my presence and was making sure I was still with her?

Blake's condition was pretty much the same the entire walk back. Around half-way I'd begun to carry her, in order to quiet her groans of discomfort and pain. When we made it back to camp she was staying mostly asleep, allowing her body to rest, exhausted from her fight..

I handed her back over to my partner, ordering her to get her a change of clothes and to wash her current ones. Before I left his presence I had also ordered him to alert me of changes in her condition.

All that was left now is to wait for my maiden to open her eyes and then I would have her.

Of course, hours passed by with no sign of her waking up, she'd barely even shifted position. I knew because I was growing impatient and had started checking on her myself to make sure my partner wasn't plotting anything sinister.

The sun was setting when before I seen Farrand again, he just walked into my tent and stared at me for awhile.

"Is she awake?" I inquired, wondering why he was disobeying my order of not leaving her side.

He scoffed, flipping his hair back. "Why does it matter? Why do you care? She's no good for our team. Borderline useless."

"This again…" I growled under my breath. "You have no say in her presence here. She is an asset, she's done more than any other soldier here." I reminded him.

"SHE IS A TRAITOR!" Farrand yelled in retaliation, I took his tone as a challenge,yet I was curious as to what he'd come up with to support his crazy theory this time.

"What are you talking about?!" I growled through my teeth, letting him know I am still his alpha and that he'd best back down.

"It's obvious, she's a floozy, she's playing you! Do you honestly believe she's on your side, that she wants to help you? That poison killed countless men who attempted to steal that research." He blurted out, only lowering his tone some, still not enough for me to be content.

It was obvious now that I had to evoke him, to strike fear back into his heart. Naturally a simple act like slamming my fist on my desk was enough for his face to rush white. "Do you have any proof of your accusations?"

"How have you been missing the clue's Adam?" His tone lowered more, still continuing to press the issue. "She broke into that facility, all the guards left, the poison was released and it didn't kill her. She had to have some kind of serum within her veins. Not to mention she doesn't stick around for long. That woman is going to be your downfall, and you won't notice a thing!" Farrand's voice rose again.

I had just about enough of that man.

"Unless you want your miserable existence to be cut short, I suggest you hold your tongue until you have some viable evidence." My tone didn't show a hint of anger, signifying that I was now livid, and finally he was quiet, nodding his head in agreement.

I sighed in relief. "Is she awake?" I repeated my earlier question in hopes of actually getting an answer.

"Yeah." Is all that was said, he knew he'd been defeated. "Give Blake her attire and weapon and tell her I wish to speak with her." I requested before turning my attention to a book I'd been reading.

To Be Continued…...
NoL: Red Edition - Chapter One: Shaded Desire
In honor of the RWBY Vol4 Character reveal yesterday let me intriduce: Ninjas of Love: Adam Style!

Adam is the leader of a Mercenary unit known as the WhiteFang, a young Cat-Faunus manages to catch his eye. As she accepts a dangerous mission within the northern ruins of Mountain Glenn, his concern for her grows, and creates more problems than the duo ever bargained for.
Warning: Erotica/Violence. Innocence will be lost upon proceeding past Chap:1.

((I will be going through NoL soon and editing the chapters to make it more fluent.))


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